Dog Boarding Amenities

All of our kennels are equipped with      indoor/outdoor runs that give your pet the ability to enjoy the outdoor weather as well as the comforts and amenities provided

inside. The inside portion is

heated or air-conditioned

depending on the weather.

Our spacious runs are large enough to accommodate all dog breeds. We also provide double-sized runs large enough for dogs from the same home to share. Discounts are offered for multiple pets from the same family sharing a kennel.

Our guests receive constant attention during their visits here and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. We treat your pets as if they were our very own

You can sign your pet up for individual     walk/playtime up to 3 times per day, giving your dog some extra one-on-one time outside of their kennel with our staff. Training is also available with one of the instructors and must be scheduled in advance of your stay (depending on availability).

Please feel free to bring your own bedding or favorite toys to make your dog feel more at home. We are also able to provide blankets and dog beds upon request.

We are happy to accommodate guests with special needs. Please contact a staff member to inquire about any special dietary needs or medications. Additional charges may apply.

Cat Boarding Amenities

Cats are housed in spacious individual accommodations away from our canine guests, in an area that is temperature-controlled according to the season. Our cattery is expandable for owners boarding multiple cats who wish to share a space. We provide each guest with all the necessities to make their stay comfortable and happy. Please feel free to bring your own bedding or favorite toys to make your pet feel more at home.

Dry and canned food is included with your cat’s stay. Whether you use our provided food or bring your own, there is no additional charge for your cat’s dietary

needs. Additional charges for

medication may apply.

Health & Safety

   For the protection of all our guests we require the following:


   • Proof of DHPP vaccination or titer

   • Proof of Rabies

   • Bordetella recommended,

      but not required; please ask your vet


   • Proof of FVRCP

   • Proof of Rabies

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